Creating a Culture of Diversity & Inclusion – Amerisure’s 2021 Women’s Power Conference

Supporting a culture of diversity and inclusion is essential in today’s environment. Awareness, education, and accountability are the keys to understanding the similarities and differences that make your agencies strong and enable us to overcome barriers to effectively work together. This interactive session will bring you insight on the stages required to build a diverse […]

Master Class 1: Being Intentional about Where You Are Headed

This Master Workshop reviews habits 1, 2, and 6 from the book “How Women Rise.” These habits are about being intentional. We will cover how to break these habits by intentionally claiming achievements, letting others know what we are working on, and how we view self-interest. You will assess your demonstration of the habits and […]

Welcome & Meet the Author

This year’s conference will kick-off with Amerisure’s CEO, Greg Crabb, as he welcomes all participants to our Virtual Annual Women’s Power Conference. We will introduce our keynote speaker, Sally Helgesen, author of “How Women Rise” who will introduce key concepts from her book as well as the four master classes that will take place throughout […]